How are interpreting services charged?

As a general rule, conference interpreters are paid for half-day services, up to 4 hours of work, and full-day services, up to 7 hours of work. In the case of a service lasting longer than this, overtime is charged.

When is it necessary to recruit two interpreters, and why?

As the work requires maximum concentration and is so tiring, the interpreters work in pairs, taking turns every 30 minutes. The maximum time an interpreter can work alone is one hour and 30 minutes, so anything longer than this requires two interpreters.

I want to organise a congress in Valencia, where do I start?

If you are organising a conference and would like to receive a personalised quote tailored to your needs, you should tell us the expected number of attendees, the languages of the conference, and the technical and sound conditions of the room. Do not hesitate to contact Código Lingua if you have any questions. We are experienced experts and we know how to advise you so that you don’t spend more than necessary and so that everything goes perfectly.

I have a business meeting with a foreign delegation, what kind of interpretation do I need?

In this case, you need a liaison interpreter, who will translate what both parties say in the meeting. Make sure you hire professional interpreters, as understanding nuances and small details in a negotiation can make all the difference.

How are translation services charged?

Translation is usually charged on a per-word basis. It is most common to charge by the number of words in the source text (the text to be translated). The rate per word usually varies depending on the complexity of the text, its format, whether it is required urgently, etc. Do not hesitate to ask Código Lingua for a quote.

In my company we work with confidential documents, what about the interpreter?

You have nothing to fear. All interpreters work under conditions of confidentiality according to the ethical rules of their profession. In any case, if you would prefer them to sign an NDA, they will have no problem in doing so.


We cover various language combinations, from the most common ones, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Valencian/Catalan, to less common ones such as Arabic, Russian or Turkish.